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  • Đurđevića Tara, Budecevica, Žabljak
Duration: from 3h
Difficulty: Easy
Suitable: Family

Rafting national park Durmitor (14km rafting)

FROM 55.00

Enjoy an exhilarating half-day activity with our thrilling rafting tour. With three daily sessions available, starting at 9:30 in the morning, we offer flexibility to accommodate our guests’ schedules (subject to availability).The arrival to the agency, or picking up from the place of your accommodation, ride to the start point. Preparation for the rafting, each tour participant receives appropriate gear (neopren suit, boots, safety jacket, helmet and a paddle). Afterwards, we descend down the most beautiful part of the Tara canyon during the 3 hours (14km) of the tour duration with photo and swimming breaks. Refreshments and a pause at the Ljutica river, the shortest river in Europe and biggest spring of fresh water in the world (1000 liters water per second). There will be a photo safari underneath the bridge, before we arrive to Žugića luka for the termination of the tour. We return to the start point with our vehicles. Optionally, we can organize lunch for you (lamb, fish, and traditional cast iron dish ‘sac’ meals). After lunch the tour terminates.


The advantage of this tour is the fact that visitors have the opportunity to visit the Black Lake in Žabljak where the price of the ticket (5€) is already included in the NP Durmitor tax. Also, visitors will have a chance to spend time at the Tara bridge which is one of the most important landmarks of Montenegro.

Timeline For Tour Package

9:30 am

Start in

12:30 am

Finish in

1:30 pm

Second time in

4:30 pm

finish in

5:00 pm

Third time in

8:00 pm

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